Competence in power transmission technology
"In maintenance, in particular, our customers often need only small quantities. Our workshop therefore cuts toothed belts in any required length and width. In addition, we cut chains to length at our assembly station and fit attachments as required by the customer."

Chains and sprocket wheelsTensioning units and slide rails
V-belts and V-belt pulleys Tensioning sets
Toothed belts and toothed belt pulleysElastic and non-elastic couplings
Flat belts and flat belt pulleysBall joints and universal joints
Circular beltsThreaded spindles
Power beltsWorm gears and bevel gears
Spur gears and bevel gearsSpindle lifting gear
Gear racksSliding bearings
When maximum power is needed
Belts, pulleys, chains, wheels and couplings transfer power from the drive to the place where they are needed. Whether the task at hand involves optimising a drive and fine-tuning performance in maintenance or supporting a mechanical engineer in the choice of a drive with the expertise of our premium suppliers, the result must be worthwhile for the customer! We work together with market or technology leaders in every product segment.
Our service for you:
Cost reduction through optimisation
As a result of increasing motor capacities, higher speeds and greater precision, the demands placed on drive components have greatly increased over the last few years. In maintenance businesses, we frequently come across drives that have become rather outdated with regard to energy consumption and performance. By optimising these drives, we can achieve economic efficiency, operational reliability and cost savings. We assist our customers with new developments and enhancements, establishing designs that accommodate these technical innovations and thus help to create drives that will be economically efficient in the future.
An exact fit in both length and width
Special requests such as identical sets or special dimensions are no problem for our mechanical workshop. Thanks to our large stocks of toothed belts and power belts, we are able to flexibly accommodate customer requirements with our cutting machines and also respond fast when something needs to be repaired.
Our engineers design the drive elements for you, our workshop provides you with parts that are ready for installation:
  • Calculating and optimising new and existing drives
  • Designing couplings
  • Cutting toothed belts, V-ribbed belts, fabric flat belts and power belts to width
  • Cutting toothed belts to length
  • Welding toothed belts
  • Cutting roller chains to length
  • Processing sprocket wheels, V-belt pulleys and toothed belt pulleys based on drawings
  • Surface treatment