Competence in sealing and vibration technology
"In view of the fact that standard answers are often no use in sealing technology, we consider that competent consulting is just standard procedure. We enjoy finding the right solution for customers!"
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Radial shaft seals and V-ringsBellows and individual precision mouldings
O-rings in all materials and quad-ringsRubber-metal elements for vibration absorbability
Piston seals and rod sealsUsit rings and copper sealing washers
Fabric packings Discs and membrane cloths
packing seal setsRotary seal
ScrapperStuffing box packing
Reliably sealed
Practically every plant, machine and device requires rotating parts to be protected against environmental influences, vibration to be damped or even completely eliminated, and fluids to be kept under control. Specifically, this means that seals are required to protect moving or fixed parts against contamination and prevent lubricants from escaping. Numerous factors need to be taken into account when selecting seals: operating media, operating pressures, operating temperatures, speeds, materials, hardness and the quality of the sliding surface. We can help you choose the appropriate products out of the variety of sealing systems, materials and applications available.
Leading product variety worldwide
Our partner Freudenberg Sealing Technologies strives to improve products and implement future-oriented ideas. With the world's largest range of sealing and vibration technology products, we provide solutions that revolve around the requirements of the latest technology and thus set standards. By using state-of-the-art analysis methods and ultra-modern development procedures, we are able to develop the optimum material for your application in a targeted manner. For you, this means longer product lifecycle, more resilient units and materials that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your application.
The "Freudenberg Xpress Service"
What maintenance engineer isn't familiar with the problem of a small cause having a huge effect?

An existing unit becomes outdated or - even worse - breaks down completely. The required seal is not in stock and cannot be delivered at short notice either.

With our Freudenberg Xpress Service, we can have the required seal produced within 24 hours based on the production expertise of Freudenberg. You can choose any common material and profile range up to a diameter of four metres.

The service is tailored to meet your requirements - from a single seal for prototypes and for spare parts through to serial production in economical lot sizes.

Made-to-order - immediate - economical.

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Our service for you:
We have a large stock of standard seals ready to deliver to you. We can provide you with special solutions when other suppliers don't know what to do.
  • Seals with special springs
  • Sets of seals in line with customer specifications
  • Preparation of mechanical seals
  • Assistance with seal design
  • Special production of seals in 2-3 days

We are a preferred distributor in the exclusive strategic Freudenberg Sealing Technologies dealer network.

Benefit from this wide range of services, not to mention excellent product and service performance of this strong partnership.