Competence in filteration technology
"Our customers often tell us what they need. Just as frequently, we give them advice so that we can find the ideal element together. And if we are at a loss, the engineers and technicians of our suppliers help us find the ideal solution to our customers' problems."
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Filtering out
In air conditioning, dust removal technology, extractor hoods and respirators, the air is cleaned using non-woven fabrics as filter media. Today's complex world requires an equally complex combination of competence, innovative flair and technical/scientific resources to resolve all the problems that arise in air filtration. The brand stands for clean air with end-to-end, future-oriented system solutions. The company's research development and production teams always incorporate the latest technical advances into products.

Viledon air-filter is the technological market leader in air filters worldwide.

Moreover, the leading role of Viledon products in filtration technology is underlined by the company's international experience of air conditioning technology, the automotive industry, the chemicals and pharmaceuticals sectors and power stations, not to mention its expertise in resolving environmental protection problems in all sectors of industry and its experience of supply air filtration in hospitals and administrative buildings.
There's something in this
From high-quality, application-specific media through to the sophisticated end product, the diversity, performance and quality of the Viledon air filter range are ideally aligned with the requirements of a wide variety of application areas - ranging from general air conditioning technology and machine or process ventilation through to clean-room technology.
Filter mats and baffle strainer cut-outs
Viledon filter mats consist entirely of high-performance non-woven fabrics that the company has produced itself. Filter-related criteria such as the degree of extraction, pressure difference and dust-storing capacity are crucially important here. The products need to be reliable and economical - two aspects that are inextricably linked. After all, a filter that does not perform sufficiently reliably and proves a failure under particular operating conditions leads to increased maintenance and filter replacement costs. We offer an individual delivery service, designing filter mats in line with your specifications.