Competence with regard to freewheel clutches and drive units
"Problems with wear and tear genereally arise as a result of incorrect dimensioning, false installation and deficient maintenance. We can help you choose the right parts."
Clamping roller freewheel clutchesShaft couplings
Clamping body freewheel clutches Metal bellows couplings and safety clutches
Sleeve freewheel clutchesLiquid starting couplings
Sliding hubs and sliding clutchesBushings
Bevel gears
Driving and braking
Drive elements for mechanical engineering and power transmission using the latest technology. These include large non-return devices, tiny metal bellows couplings, sliding hubs with special processing and safety clutches.

In view of the huge number of design options in mechanical engineering, it is necessary to find the most suitable solution from a technical and economic viewpoint. Together with our customers and suppliers, we select the drive element that most closely meets customer requirements for the application in question.

Freewheel clutches are couplings that are actuated based on rotational direction. In other words, they are switched on and off automatically, depending on the relevant rotational direction of the drive and output end. This principle is put to practical use in the following forms:

  • Overrunning clutch for multi-machine drives or for separating the mass inertia of a driven machine from the driving machine after it has been switched off
  • Clutch for successively rotating a shaft and thus achieving a synchronised material feed rate or a variable speed
  • Non-return device to prevent the backwards rotation of a machine shaft, in which case the freewheel clutch is used as a brake
Stieber Service Center
We can convert, assess and repair freewheel clutches for you in our Stieber Service Center

Our workshop will combine coupling elements and sliding hubs that meet your requirements and make them ready for you to install.