Competence in linear technology
"It is good to act on your own strength. Together with our Linear Service Center, we offer our customers great production flexibility for guide systems and excellent stocks. Our Linear Service Center enables us to meet specific customer wishes in no time at all."
Shaft guidesBall and roller thread systems
Roller guidesPrecision cage rail guides
Linear ball bearingsLifting cylinders
Miniature guidesBall castors
Linear roller bearingsLock nuts, bushings and bevel gears
Modules and linear tablesAluminium construction profiles
Lifting and adjusting systems
Innovative concepts for linear movement
Discover our extensive range of high-precision components, units, systems and applications for linear movement. We offer you a multitude of guiding, driving, lifting, lowering and positioning solutions from linear and automation technology, combined with an excellent range of consulting and other services. Our experienced engineers can support you in developing your individual linear systems.

Linear guide systems with low friction ensure that loads are transported quickly and precisely. The various systems can be tailored to any specific application.

Ball and roller thread systems convert rotation efficiently into linear movement, or reversed. Our ball and roller thread systems consist of a pre-tensioned nut with or without backlash and a rolled or ground threaded spindle.

Positioning systems are the economical solution for applications where complex technical properties are required.
Always the right linear module
You can combine products from our extensive range to meet the requirements of your individual application.
Drive options: timing belt, spindle or linear motor and pneumatic drive. Guide variants: roller guide (internal/external), profile rail guides or linear bearing guides.

Guide accuracy, rigidity, acting forces and torques, speed, friction, power-on time and stroke frequency are some of the criteria that our engineers will take into account when designing your solution-oriented linear systems.
Our service for you:
Benefit from our flexibility
Our specialists offer you advice and service for everything to do with linear technology. We will supply you exclusively with premium brands that span the entire range of linear guide applications. With our own Linear Service Center, we can flexibly adapt to meet your particular requirements.
Fast and flexible
Striving to meet all your short-term demands, our Linear Service Center will process shaft guides, rail guides and aluminium profiles that are tailored to your specific needs.
Thanks to our extensive stocks and a powerful processing center, we can create made-to-measure logistics solutions in no time at all.
The processing options of our Linear Service Center:
Separating and beveling shaft and rail systems

Lathing shafts
  • Axial thread
  • Male thread
  • Pin
  • Recessing
Milling shafts
  • Through holes
  • Radial thread
  • Keyways
  • Milled areas
Milling rails
  • Mounting holes
  • Dowel pin holes
  • Radial and axial threaded holes
Producing machine racks from aluminium profiles