Competence that can be measured
"In machine condition monitoring, we not only record current conditions by means of measuring vibration, pressure, power, current and temperature, but also pinpoint the resulting measures that need to be taken to avoid and rectify damage. This gives rise to commercial savings for your company."

SKF Certified Maintenance Partner:
Plant optimisation concepts
Production processes are becoming increasingly complex, deadlines are becoming tighter and requirements are rising - yet at the same time, it is necessary to cut production and maintenance costs. The solution is to continually optimise machines, plants and processes. As the first SKF Certified Maintenance Partner worldwide, we are therefore offering you our service and maintenance expertise in order to support the production processes in your factory even more effectively. This spans everything from machine inspection, maintenance and assembly/disassembly to condition monitoring, preventive maintenance and the optimisation of plant efficiency. Your machines offer great potential for savings and, as an SKF Certified Maintenance Partner, we can work with you to turn these into hard cash.
Serviceleistungen als SKF Certified Maintenance Partner:
Measurement service:
  • Vibration measurements and physical measurements such as temperature, electricity, power and torque
  • Analytical methods in time and frequency areas and assessment of frequency spectra
  • Assessment of machines in terms of vibration technology
  • Vibration analysis for bearings, gear tooth systems and pumps
  • Geometric measurement using laser technology
  • Balancing and alignment
  • Technical consulting/projects in drive technology and machine condition monitoring
  • Run-up and slow-down analyses
  • Resonance investigation
  • Orbit analyses for sliding bearings
  • Analysis of extremely slowly rotating shafts
  • Temporary online system installations
Mechanical service/engineering:
  • Bearing assembly/disassembly
  • Assembly monitoring
  • Damage analysis for bearings/safety assessments
  • Repair work for large bearings
  • Balancing and alignment
  • Oil and lubricant analyses, recommendation and selection of lubricants
  • Improvement of machine and plant performance
  • Design of drive technology components or entire drive trains
Converting data into measures
Obtaining information is one thing. Drawing the right conclusions from it and triggering the appropriate measures is something else entirely. You can only optimise your plants if you perform precise and conscientious analyses and have the necessary expertise to implement measures for improvement. When we speak of competence that can be measured, we mean that we, as your SKF Certified Maintenance Partner, measure the machine condition and use the results as a basis to derive measures. The aim is to:
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve plant productivity
  • Reduce operating costs
In a close and open dialogue with our customers, we want to be measured on the basis of our success.