Competence with regard to assembly tools and monitoring units
"Good workmen and good maintenance engineers also need the right equipment. Professional assembly gives rise to longer lifecycles and a safer working environment."
Fitting tool kitsOilCheck
Socket and hook spanners Vibration measuring pins
Mechanical pullersInfrared cameras
Hydraulic pullersTaper gauges
Hydraulic nutsInternal clearance gauges
Induction heatersTemperature gauges
Heating ringsTachometers
Feeler gaugesLaser alignment systems
Hand pumpsShims
Oil injection kitsBelt tension gauges
Oil levellers
The right equipment for maintenance work
Precision parts such as bearings achieve the optimum lifecycles only if they are properly assembled. The installation process has a huge effect on the useful life of a bearing. Although well trained and competent maintenance employees are available, there are fewer of them than in the past. With a view to supporting those responsible for maintenance in their everyday work, we offer high-quality products from the areas of assembly tools, gauges and analysis equipment. Using these products, errors can be avoided when assembling bearings, while the operational reliability of machines and equipment can be increased.