Competence with regard to DIN and standard parts
"It is often the little things that lead to additional expense for our customers. Being able to add small DIN and standard parts to a purchase order makes things easier for you. It also helps to know where you can obtain the right DIN and standard part: technical competence from a single source."
DIN and standard partsBall valves
Shim washers Liquid level indicators
Nilos rings and spacer ringsHinged mounts
Grease nipplesQuick-acting clamps
Hand wheels and crank handlesUniversal joints, angle joints and fork joints
Handles and knobsTransportation wheels
Tension levers and control leversCasters and fixed casters
Star handles, cross handles and knurled handlesPneumatic springs
Lasting connections, reliable operating elements
Locking devices, operating elements and machine elements are often underestimated, but used practically everywhere. Be it retaining rings for shafts and drill holes, all sorts of types of serrated washers or shim washers, these traditional fastening and positioning elements have been able to hold their own even in this day and age. Wherever machines run you require various elements to operate them: handles and knobs, hand wheels and crank handles, star handles, cross handles and much more. Often, users are happy if they simply know where they can order such operating elements, as the order values for these elements are low. Our range of DIN and standard parts has everything to meet your requirements.
Our service for you:
Our partners offer a wide range of standard parts for operating and tensioning, as well as equipment and machine elements. For mechanical engineering, it is important to have the operating element design that is most appropriate in economic terms for the machine concerned. For maintenance, it is important for the same operating element to be available again.
On top of this, mechanical and maintenance engineers always require simple retaining elements as a reliable and low-cost means of positioning bearings, gear wheels, sprocket wheels and timing belt pulleys, even when they are exposed to high lateral loads. Variations in spacing are accurately established and compensated using shim washers.
Transportation wheels:
The wheel is one of mankind's oldest inventions. It has been around for 5500 years. Anyway, our partner Colson keeps re-inventing the wheel. After all, we strive to develop the best wheel for every possible application, and the best roller of all.
Pneumatic springs:
Pneumatic springs are suitable for all applications that involve lifting and lowering weight. In addition to supporting muscle power, pneumatic springs help to lift and lower lids, covers, flaps and the like in a controlled manner. They are ready to install, require no maintenance, and are immediately available with diameters of 6 mm to 65 mm and power of 5 N to 10000 N. What's more, we also have stainless steel versions in our range.