Competence with regard to lubricants and lubrication systems
"Chemical maintenance products - including high-quality special-purpose adhesives and a wide range of lubricants to meet various requirements - have a permanent place in our product range. Our automatic lubrication systems use state-of-the-art technology to ensure operating reliability for our customers."
Lubricants, greases and oilsSingle-point lubrication systems
LubricatorsMulti-point lubrication systems
The right chemistry for a long service life
Bearings run longer with the right lubrication. Wear and tear gives rise to huge material and energy losses. If used correctly, lubricants can prevent the abrasion and micro-fusing of metallic surfaces. More than 50% of all premature bearing failures could be avoided by optimum bearing lubrication, thus increasing the reliability of your machines and plants.
Greases and oils for optimum lubrication:
Our range of lubricants and maintenance products:
We are able to cover over 90% of all applications with our standard range. On top of this, our suppliers are equipped to provide special solutions and work with us to provide the ideal solutions for your application, both technically and financially, by developing and modifying products.
  • Pastes to facilitate assembly and disassembly
  • Oils and greases with highly effective additives for long-term lubrication
  • Reliable corrosion protection for preservation and shipping
  • Tried and tested products for running maintenance
Automatic lubrication:
Numerous industrial companies continue to rely on manual lubrication. And yet the advantages of automatic lubrication systems are obvious: continuous production processes, less maintenance outlay, longer plant lifecycles and a reduced risk of accidents occurring. The changeover from manual to automated lubrication is a particularly important step in hazardous working environments. The accident risk can be cut by 90%. Single-point and multi-point lubrication systems automatically ensure that the necessary points are ideally lubricated around the clock, day in day out.