Technology retail + service:
You can rely on us!
Technical expertise from a single source
We are motivated by our desire to ensure customer satisfaction. Consequently, we work hard and are completely dedicated to boosting the success of our customers with our high-quality products and our technical and logistical competence.
  • High-quality and brand-name products
  • Top-class consulting
  • Service availability and
  • Ability to deliver
... are the core elements of our philosophy, ensuring that the operations of our customers run smoothly. For this reason, our engineers and commercial team work hand in hand with our technical service. .

Providing technical competence from a single source - from product quality to the competence of our employees, right through to our working processes - we constantly enhance our philosophy with new concepts.
  • Our Linear Service Center
  • The service we provide as SKF Certified Maintenance Partner
  • Our Stieber Service Center
  • Innovative and individual delivery concepts
  • Our mechanical workshop and
  • Our Industrietechnik portal
are concepts for a shared future in partnership with our customers.

Recognising customer requirements and solving problems are tasks that we see as a new challenge each day.
Take us at our word:
Benefit from the advantages of our technical expertise from a single source, and the resulting added value that we generate for you!