Competence in mechanics
"If the standard part is no use in a particular situation, you need to be innovative and improvise. If a part can no longer be simply replaced, but rather needs to be individually adapted, we are often in a position to provide quick and efficient assistance through our workshop or our partners."
Our mechanical workshop
Standard is not good enough for us. We deliver exactly what you need. As today's customers expect us to do more than simply ensure we have the right parts in stock, we have now added additional services to our portfolio alongside technical retail.

We offer the appropriate technical solution to every problem - from standard parts to customer-specific designed components, regardless of whether they are intended for use in large-scale production or as spare parts. Our mechanical workshop is able to further process standard products or make changes, meaning that we can also provide you with special-purpose articles that are pre-mounted and ready for installation. This even goes so far that we supply fully mounted assemblies to end customers. We have a workshop of our own in which we process standard parts such as freewheel clutches, sliding hubs, sprocket wheels, timing belt pulleys and V-belt pulleys.

What's more, in cases where we do not have the right equipment, we work together with selected subcontractors, for instance in order to be able to cut gears or produce special surface finishes.
Our technical office:
Competence in calculating your drives
We would be delighted to solve technical problems and develop solutions in collaboration with you. In the process, our own engineers will advise you and help you design drives, supported by the expertise, technical documentation and calculation programs of the manufacturers concerned.

Our engineers can establish the ideal machine elements for your drives! We will design chain drives, belt drives, couplings and other drive train elements on your behalf. Simply contact our specialists - we would be delighted to team up with you to resolve your technical problems.
Special solutions provided in our own workshop or through outsourcing
Power transmission technology
Bores and keyways per DIN 6885 for V-belt pulleys, toothed belt discs, Sprocket wheels, chain
pulleys, clutches and couplings
Cutting tooth belts
Cutting roller chains to length
Drive elements
Processing freewheel clutches
Repairing freewheel clutches
Processing or combinating sliding hubs
Linear Technology
Processing steel shafts, stainless steel shafts and hollow shafts, including baveling
Male or female threads, or threads in line with your specifications
Processing profile rails in line with your specifications
Producing machine racks from aluminium profiles
Sealing technology
Fitting seals with special springs
Preparing rotary seals
Producing special seals